Emblem Products

  • Emblem Thread

    Designed by Merrow for sewing emblems, our New Emblem thread comes in three types - the covering thread, the inside thread, and the needle thread. With 22 stock colors and custom colors available, everyone has access to the worlds best emblem thread!


  • Merrow Machine

    A machine with one purpose: sewing emblems. Add a professional - MERROW - edge to your emblems with the MG-3U. With technology refined over 50 years the Merrow MG-3U is an easy-to-use and reliable machine. Hand-Built in Fall River, MA.


  • Accessories & Tools

    Buy all of the tools and accessories to keep your emblem production running. Specialized tools for the Merrow machines, including oil, looper benders, dedicated wrenches and threading wires.


  • Factory Service

    Machines enrolled into the Merrow Factory Service Program are completely disassembled and placed into the production queue alongside other new machines ready to be assembled. Starting at $299 with FREE SHIPPING - the Service Program is cost effective and easy


Emblem Pictures

Regular. Wide Merrow. Velcro. Narrow. Just a few of the styles of Merrow Emblems


We're located in the Jewel of South Eastern MA, in Fall River - the Granite City.

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